Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Tree Wars

I know it's still only November, but the time has come for my Baby and I to buy our first Christmas tree and decorations together.  We disagree about what we should have.  The first picture illustrates what I have in mind - rustic, simple, Scandinavian.  The second picture illustrates what I'm battling against - over the top, brash, tinsel.

rustic Scandi christmas tree

tacky tinsel Christmas tree

Who's going to win this battle?  Will the tinsel be thrown out of the window, or will I suffer the tacky shiny stuff just to make my other half happy?  Watch this space!!

Are any of you going to be having a battle of wills where Christmas decorations are concerned?


  1. I usually buy a decoration or two each year - a Delft one on holiday in Holland, a cat-shaped one the year my kitty was recovering from an operation - and so my tree is completely chaotic, but my husband and I love unpacking the memories every year. It might not be the prettiest or best-themed tree in the world, but there's something special about every bauble.

    1. What a lovely tradition Mim! That's a very heartfelt approach and now I feel a bit shallow for wanting something all perfect and themed, lol!! A great idea, I might have to adopt it. P xx

  2. Do you guys have room for two trees? That might be a good workaround, if you do. Another option would be to buy two sets of decorations, one that you each love, and alternate years (that might be a bit expensive upfront, but it could save a lot of strife and stress in the long run, and surely that's hard to put a price on).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. That might be a plan too Jessica, I think we will have one main tree that we'll be buying together, but we both still have smaller artificial trees from when we lived in shared houses. Gosh everyone's very practical in their response to this post! Thanks! P xx

  3. Is there somewhere in the middle you can meet? I've seen a lot of sleek, modern and sometimes sparkly, rustic themed ornaments, such as deer. So maybe you could successfully blend the two? Go with classic shapes and images, and a red and white theme, but with some silver thrown in?

    But I will admit, like you two, my husband (then boyfriend at the time when we moved in together), had an entirely different view of Christmas decor than I did. Originally we opted to swap every other year - one year I'd get what I wanted, and the next year, he'd get to decide. But over time, he grew to really love my style of decorating, and now encouraged it, and enjoys it. So that can happen too.

    Best of luck on the battle!


    1. Another fab suggestion Janey! I feel a bit petty for having brought it up, but we had a really heated debate about tinsel and I could just envisage us both being grumpy about the tree and not getting what we wanted, which is really not the point of the Christmas spirit!! Glad that you and your husband resolved it - and in your favour too ;) P xx

  4. I love everyone's suggestions above, I'm less diplomatic in my home...I win :) lol! so kidding but my husband does let me pretty much have the run of Christmas in the home so we never really have that battle. We are having the "Real Tree" vrs "fake tree" debate though. We live in 400sq ft in a Toronto apartment building, 3rd floor walk up so as much as I love a real tree (grew up with them) it's not practical. Not for the building (my landlord would kill me if she had to vacuum up needles all over the stairs) and for my apartment...more needles...everywhere! For now we have the fake tree and he will have to settle for pine scented air freshener :) hehehe

    BTW..thank you for the comment on my blog. I'm feeling in much better health today, not 100% but doing much better. The old movies with a hot toddy has been helping :)

    Best of luck with the great Christmas decorations debate!


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