Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Vintage Inspired Wedding Dresses on a Budget: 1940s

I have to confess that the 1940s proved to be a difficult decade to find vintage-inspired bridal looks from.  I was almost ready to admit defeat, when I came across a couple of truly fabulous options, and sighed in relief that there are actually some dresses within a reasonable budget!  Once again, all of these finds are under £300 - well, under £200 this time as they seem to have come in cheaper than the 1930s. (see my post here for 1930s bridal inspiration).

1940s Wedding Dresses Budget
A glimpse of the gorgeousness to come...

The 1940s were a time when generally people continued to get married in their Sunday best - either a suit or a simple dress - unless they were affluent enough to afford the Hollywood silk gown that we all picture.  Gowns had changed a bit from the mid 1930s; though they may still be in silk-satin, but they weren't quite so slinky in silhouette, the necklines had perhaps changed to a sweetheart, and there may be some shoulder-pads added.  I've tried to show 'gowns' as well as dresses here, but haven't found any suit options.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Porcelina's World 5th Birthday!

I can hardly believe it, but Porcelina's World has just turned 5 years old! I think I'm allowed to reminisce and get a bit sentimental.  It's been quite a journey, with somewhat of an evolution of personal style and an adventure into decades of vintage fashion.

Porcelina's World 2010
The first photo of myself I ever put on my blog, back in 2010, after the Lipstick & Curls team had created these amazing victory rolls for a friend's 1940s themed birthday!

Thanks to this blog, I know more about people in different parts of the world, about my readers and fellow bloggers.  I've forged some dear-to-me friendships, and have been constantly learning about things like photography, HTML, ethical and legal issues in blogging, make-up and hair styling, historical costume, antiques, vintage jewellery, caring for vintage clothes, dealing with PR companies, writing, time-management, as well as all the posing for endless photos with cars going past honking their horns.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

How To Read More Books

Have you resolved to 'read more' this year?  Are you struggling to achieve that goal?  Read on for some tips about to how to achieve reading more books this year!

how to read more books

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